Although Byzantium’s vast power spanned 11 centuries, its story is often held hidden. Ascending to the Ottoman throne in 1451, Mehmed II began making preparations to reduce the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. The fall of Constantinople in May 1453 was the end of an age for much of Europe and the Near East. Named after Saint Constantine the Great, Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire (330-1453). Today (May 29), the Orthodox Church remembers the Fall of Constantinople, the Queen of Cities, in 1453. Reduced to the area around the city … The Fall of Constantinople occurred on May 29, 1453, after a siege which began on April 6. Your Support, at any level, is vital and makes a difference! Map of Constantinople depicting the vulnerable Lycus River Valley portion of the wall, location of the Bosporus chain, and the route Ottoman sailors dragged their warships to bypass the chain. Home; Concerts; Give; Recordings; Divine Liturgy Music; News; Contact; Contact Cappella Romana. Inset, a photo of a section of the actual chain. On this day in 1453, the siege of Constantinople ended with the fall of the Byzantine Empire into the hands of the Ottoman Turks, consequently remembered in history as one of the biggest disasters for the Greek people. Constantinople stood against sieges and attacks for many centuries, until finally new technology—the big cannons of the Ottoman Empire —brought down the Byzantine Empire’s capital. Make a gift today. The battle was part of the Byzantine-Ottoman Wars (1265-1453) and is referred to as one of the darkest days in Greek history. Download Share. Answer and Explanation: No, the Renaissance in Italy started in circa 1400, so it had begun well before the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The Fall of Constantinople . Steve Weidenkopf • 5/28/2020. One Time Gift Recurring Gift.

Today we honour those who fell during the siege and at the fall, we read the laments and the legends, we are moved, and taught. Based on decades of research and a mastery of the sources, Marios Philippides and Walter K. Hanak have written a big book, not, as one might expect, a narrative of the siege and fall but rather studies of “the sources relating to or purporting to relate to the events linked with the two-month siege and the ultimate fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks” in 1453, and “of the military planning and … Search this site. SIGN UP NOW. Our Site. E-News. By Phone: (503) 236-8202 By Mail: 620 SW Main St Ste 714 … Cappella Romana is Supported By.
No Comments. A century later, Ottoman forces were making excursions into imperial Byzantine territory. The Fall of Constantinople This Day in Church History – May 29, 1453. In the late thirteenth century, a Turkish ruler known as Osman began the military expansion of the Ottoman Empire.

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