If Adele has touched your heart, you're going to like the following songs about lost love.

If you’re looking for a great gift for your guy, then making him a mixed tape (or CD) of love songs this Valentine’s Day is probably the best way to go.
Related 5 Songs About What It Feels Like To Love Someone You Can't Have. This is the song to sing if you’re the type of guy who’s more closed off and quiet, while your girl is more social and extroverted. Best Lines: “Kiss me beneath the milky twilight, Lead me out on the moonlit floor Lift your open hand, strike up the band and make the fireflies dance silver moon’s sparkling So kiss me.” 4. 3. Adele – “When We Were Young” Adele’s songs can sometimes bring you down to tears, but they also give us hope, telling us there is someone out there waiting for us.

20 Songs To Dedicate To Your Boyfriend. Elton John’s simple lyrics are instantly captivating. There’s an unguarded self-awareness to this intimate tune. Whether you’re having an intimate dinner at home or cruising around town, playing some sweet music just puts you right in the mood for love. Pamper Yourself With A Spa Day And We'll Give You A Song That Describes Your Love Life.

This sweet acoustic song embodied the popular love songs of the early 2000s.

Check Out: 20 Most Romantic Love Songs For My Boyfriend The studio album was recorded between June 1, 1970 – April 11, 1972, at Golden World in Detroit and Hitsville U.S.A. I don't know about you, but I could use a spa day. “I know it’s not much,” he sings, “but it’s the best I can do. Of course, you can also just pick a few songs and serenade him outside his window. 16104. The love described in “Your Song” is honest and dressed down, with just a piano backing the vocals. Whether you have someone in your life now or just hope that you’ll fall in love someday, here are 27 songs to remind you why new love is one of the strongest, greatest forces in the world. If you want a cute way to show that you care, this is a good song for it. This is my list of great love songs to dedicate to your boyfriend. By. My gift is my song, and this one’s for you.” Nothing fancy, just pure sentiment. There’s nothing like playing some romantic tunes when you’re spending some quality time with your boyfriend. The best part of all is that this song will make your boyfriend think about kissing you and can set a romantic mood. 0. Michelle Escultura - May 23, 2017. In this song, Howie Day sings about a girl whose personality is the complete opposite of his.

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